Last updated on : Jun 8, 2020

(Last Updated On: June 8, 2020)

Traveling with kids can be daunting on a normal day, but during the holidays, it can be a nightmare. So use these 6 tips for holiday travel with kids on your next trip to save time, money, and most of all, frustration.

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1.) Avoid peak travel days. You can often snag a lower fare if you avoid the Wednesday before and the Sunday after Thanksgiving as well as the days preceding Christmas and New Year’s Eve. And traveling around other holidays such as July 4th can be busy but usually not as busy as “the holidays”.

Holiday Travel with Kids

2.) Involve your kiddos in the trip plans. Kids love to help, so let them know what to expect (i.e., driving to Grandma’s, etc.) and have them lend a hand in packing their clothes. Doing so will help them feel vested in the trip.

3.) Bring snacks. Every kid seems to get the munchies when traveling, so be sure to bring their favorite snacks. If flying, eating can help with cabin pressure doing take off and landing. Healthline offers a few tips here.

4.) Bring toys, game, and activities. Let your kids select which toys, games, and activities to bring. They’ll feel right at home. And you should bring a special, “forbidden” toy, game, or activity that they don’t get to enjoy often. Think Candy Crush Saga.

5.) Priority board. If flying, pick an airline, such as Delta or United, that allows priority boarding for families with children. This is a huge benefit when you’re juggling bags, kids, and boarding passes.

6.) Check in online and print your boarding pass. Airport lines can be ridiculous during holiday season, appearing to wrap around the entire airport. Taking this step can save extra time and reduce the possibility of restless kid syndrome.

Have you done holiday travel with kids? What are your tips?

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  1. I really like to travel with my kids but often times I have to leave them behind due to serious mission associated with the trip. When travelling with kids one need to devote enough time to attend to them because their demands comes at any time. Understanding your kids is of great importance. I really like this tips. Thanks for sharing!

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