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Our travel service makes it easy for women travelers to escape the mundane and cross extraordinary places off their travel bucket lists.

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Create a user profile, select your travel interests, and connect with other women.

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Add places you desire to visit, cross of where you’ve been, and gain inspiration to fulfill your travel dreams.

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Tell us which trip you’re interested in, book your flight, and discover incredible destinations with us.

Join The Trip Wish List travel club - an easy, affordable way to improve your well-being through travel

Become a member of our travel club and make an investment in yourself! We believe that travel is the single most enjoyable activity that women can do to improve their health and lifestyle, and we’re building a community of female travelers who want to live their best lives.

If you want to get away more often but struggle to find people to travel with, we can help you take frequent vacations with amazing people to amazing destinations!

The Trip Wish List is a travel agency that helps women travelers escape their everyday routines through curated luxury trips that combine wellness, adventure, and community. Our travel club offers the convenience of having your next getaway planned to places on your travel wish list without the huge upfront cost of travel or the stress of figuring out who's coming.

The health benefits of traveling with other women

There are real health benefits to women having frequent social interactions with each other. In fact, studies show that women that get together regularly with their friends are happier and healthier. But when you consider that more than half of Americans don't use all of their allotted paid annual leave, it's no surprise that many of us are suffering from burnout and mental fatigue. This pattern can lead to serious health implications over time.

Travel the world and discover incredible places

We want to make it easy for you to get out of the house and explore places that excite you on a regular basis. Through our free travel wish list platform, women travelers can chart where they want to go, track where they've been, and connect with other women travelers. Through our paid services, women travelers can book one of our luxury group trips as a guest or a member. Trips are carefully designed to incorporate outdoor, cultural, and wellness activities and can vary based on the unique offerings of a destination.

About our travel membership

Members can choose our Free plan, Solo plan for one traveler, or Duo plan for two travelers. Paid memberships start from $100 per month and include one annual three-night group getaway within North America. Membership payments go directly toward the fulfillment of one getaway, which includes luxury accommodation, some meals, and at least one group activity.

Membership has its perks!

Paid members can join any of our other, non-included trips at discounted rates. In addition to one annual getaway, members also have access to two virtual events, our discount travel directory, our travel wish list platform, and our travel community.

The primary benefits of our service are that women travelers can take an annual vacation without having to worry about travel planning, can connect with other like-minded women, and can break up the cost of trips into monthly segments.

Social impact

Our company is committed to leaving a positive impact on our clients, the communities we visit, and the planet. As such, 5% of our proceeds will help fund a free getaway for women healthcare workers and other worthy causes. If you’re an organization that is interested in partnering with us, send us a note.

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