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The Trip Wish List (TWL) is a travel agency that helps women travelers take the trips of their dreams. We offer women the opportunity to escape their everyday routines through exciting curated luxury trips that combine discovery, wellness, and connection.

Through our free travel wish list platform, women travelers can chart where they want to go, track where they've been, and connect with other women travelers. Join one of our exciting group trips as a guest or a TWL member. Members receive two short-term getaways across North America as well as access to travel discounts, virtual and special events, masterclasses, travel tips, and more. Plus, members can break up the cost of travel into monthly segments and never have to worry about planning their next getaway. If you've been searching for a place that you can realize your travel dreams, welcome home.

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Visit our blog for more travel inspiration for your next trip. Our blog covers travel in all corners of the globe in a variety of topics of interest to women travelers.

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