8 Awesome Quarantine Activities You Should Do Now

Learning a foreign language

Last updated on: May 4, 2020

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2020)

The rise of COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact on the entire world. Even though many of us are under quarantine or stay-at-home advisories, there are still opportunities to improve some aspect of life and do things you may have wanted to do but never did due to busy schedules. So try these eight quarantine activities to awaken your senses, lift your mood, and ensure a healthy and happy day.

1. “Visit” destinations from afar

Take a vacation for your eyes by scrolling through photos from past trips and mentally taking yourself back there.

Create a slideshow and project it on your TV or mobile device to spread positive memories in your home.

Another way to travel at home is to type a destination in Google Maps, click the street view function (yellow person icon at the bottom), and ‘walk’ around a destination using the arrows on the map.

8 Quarantine Activities You Should Do Now

Using Google Maps is useful if you want to check out specific attractions in a country.

For overall travel inspiration, I like to enter destinations in YouTube and watch vlogs of those destinations. With so much content, you’ll be entertained for hours.

2. Throw yourself a quarantine dance party

Whether it’s your own playlist or one created by others on Spotify, every day at home can be filled with music, the world’s universal pick-me-up. You can also throw your own virtual party online.

Export yourself to distant lands by creating a global music playlist with songs from around the world. A good source for global music is Putumayo’s World Music, whose CDs I used to buy when I saw them in stores years ago. They have such awesome music compilations that will add a different flavor in your ears.

3. Go social

One of the perks of technology is the ability to chat with anyone anywhere for free via social media as well as apps like Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, and Zoom.

Hosting weekly video chats, meet ups, or virtual happy hours along with following each other’s movements on social media is so useful to staying engaged and connected with others while continuing to practice social distancing.

4. Engage in learning

Now is the time to dust off those old books you bought a while ago, join an online book club, or listen to an audiobook or podcast. There are many options and genres to choose, and you can get a free 30-day trial of Audible when you first sign up.

You can also sign up for online courses in just about everything from photography, painting, self-help, business, and even happiness.

Nikon is offering free streaming of its photography classes during the month of April, and Yale University’s popular happiness course is currently being offered for free through Coursera.

One of the best online quarantine activities is learning a foreign language. Here is list of the most popular language-learning apps:







Rosetta Stone


Tandem is a great app to start with, because it’s a free app with premium upgrades that allows individuals from around the world to engage in helping each other learn foreign languages.

For a more educational approach, Babbel is offering lifetime access to all of its language programs for only $159. And Rosetta Stone is especially great for kids, because the curriculum is taught with photos and listening instead of text.

Learning a foreign language - Quarantine Activities

5. Have a quarantine movie night

Movie night is the one of the best quarantine activities, as now is also the time to catch up on the shows, movies, and series you might have missed. Pairing moving night with popcorn is always a hit, and you can do it any time of day.

If you don’t live with family or friends, you can host a Facebook Watch Party or Netflix Party to watch content simultaneously with loved ones.

6. Exercise

What better time to maintain a home fitness practice? While there are so many to choose from on social media, streaming services, and cable television, I highly recommend trying a virtual class from my business partner, Bikram Yoga Works.

Attending live, virtual fitness classes provides an interactive element that you don’t get with online videos. Check out Bikram Yoga Works’s post for tips on how to get the most out of your home workout.

Companies like Peloton are appropriately positioned for digital fitness instruction, and you should frequently go for a walk, run, or ride a bike when possible.

7. Get in the quarantine kitchen

Whether it’s an old recipe, new recipe, or one you are making up using ingredients in the fridge, there’s never been a better time to cook.

For inspiration, check out Food Network and Epicurious. A more convenient option is to try meal-prep kits like Sun Basket, Green Chef, and Martha and Marley Spoon, which provide the recipe and the exact quantities of all ingredients needed.

8. Plan your quarantine escape

This, too, shall pass, eventually, and when it does, most of us will have to cure our severe wanderlust.

That’s why keeping current on travel deals should be one of your weekly quarantine activities! Sign up for the mailing lists of The Flight Deal, Secret Flying, Dollar Flight Club, and Travel Zoo and create fare alerts for places you really want to visit with Airfarewatchdog and the Hopper app.

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To find low-cost flights on your own, start with Google Flights and Skyscanner. The handy price graph tool in Google Flights allows you to browse real-time prices for each date between two destinations, while Skyscanner allows you to enter “Everywhere” and search an entire month to find low fares from your departure airport.

If you have miles and points, it’s also a good idea to look for places to redeem those points. Award Hacker and Award Mapper provide mileage and points requirements for airlines and major American chain hotels.

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In this new era of travel, travel insurance has never been more important, so don’t forget to purchase travel insurance for your next getaway.

Are you currently staying at home? What quarantine activities have you been doing?

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