8 Incredible Wellness Travel Destinations Where You Can Find Your Zen

Last updated on: Oct 21, 2021

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2021)

There are travel destinations and there are wellness travel destinations. The latter will leave you feeling relaxed, replenished, and energized. Here are eight restorative wellness travel locations that health-conscious travelers will love.

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Arizona could probably be considered the wellness resort capital of the U.S. From Civana to Canyon Ranch to Miraval, there are so many destination resorts where you can focus on holistic health. The Grand Canyon State also offers a myriad of natural attractions, hot springs, and unique features such as the vortexes of Sedona. And if you have a hard time deciding which place to explore, why not do a road trip to discover them all?

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Arizona - Wellness Travel Destinations

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka might come as a surprise, but the island nation has a rich tradition of Ayurveda healing methods and its own healing tradition called “Hela wedakama.” Acupuncture, yoga, herbal baths, and saunas are also commomplace in the country as well as unique treatments such as “beheth oru,” a container filled with herbs and medicines designed to heal the body. For the ultimate restorative trip, look no further than Santani, a luxury sustainable wellness resort nestled in the forests in the island’s center. Santani focuses on Wellness 2.0, which is the resort’s approach to tailoring wellness to each individual’s comfort. For a retreat on the coast, it doesn’t get much better than the all-inclusive Uga Chena Huts.

Sri Lanka - Wellness Travel Destinations

Bora Bora

Everything about Bora Bora is calming. The beautiful lagoon with its multicolored shades of blue, world-class spas offering Polynesian massages using oils infused with tiare and frangipani, and fresh island foods like poisson cru and Tahitian vanilla are soothing to the soul. And there’s nothing quite like watching the sunset from the deck of an overwater villa. The whole experience is out of this world, so it’s no surprise that the island is a favorite for honeymooners and romantic getaways. The island is also a fantastic place for wellness travelers, too.

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Bora Bora - Wellness Travel Destinations

Costa Rica

With a mantra of “pura vida” (the good life), it’s easy to see why Costa Rica is one of the world’s happiest countries. Well-preserved rainforests, pristine beaches, and an eco-conscious lifestyle that incorporates organic farming practices and zero waste make it a place of ultimate zen and a place where it’s easy to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Outdoor lovers will be thrilled by the diverse activities in the country, including hiking, jungle treks, birdwatching, surfing, white water rafting, and soaking in natural hot springs. One amazing brand that takes eco-luxury to another level is the Nayara Resorts properties. Set within the rainforest, the resort has two Costa Rican properties geared for families and luxury travelers.

Costa Rica - Wellness Travel Destinations

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is more breathtaking than any photos you may have seen. Secret canyons, hidden waterfalls, scenic lakes, magnificent mountains, stunning rice paddies, lush jungles, beautiful beaches, and luxury resorts that incorporate stunning Balinese architecture are just a few of the things that make the “Island of the Gods” a magical place. It’s also a top spot for wellness retreats, and while it has become an extremely popular tourist destination, it is still a deeply spiritual and inspirational place. Spend several days in Ubud, the cultural capital of the island, to do some temple hopping and relaxing in luxury villas overlooking the beautiful rice terraces. Two resorts that won’t disappoint are Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve and Tanah Gaja Ubud.

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Bali - Wellness Travel Destinations

Greek Isles

Few places on earth compare to the Greek Isles. Whitewashed buildings contrast with deep blue seas and out-of-this world coasts. Wellness comes in many forms from healthy cuisine rich in olive oil to Thalassotherapy spas. The island of Ikaria is one of five blue zones in the world, a place where 33 percent of residents are at least 90 years old. Crete is a major wellness destination in Greece, with world-class spas, luxury resorts such as Nana Princess, and amazing hiking and beaches. For an extraordinary day at the beach, head to the pink sands of Elafonisi Beach.

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Wellness Travel Destinations


Morocco is a truly stunning place where natural and manmade marvels abound. From the Atlas Mountains to the old walled cities, the country’s landscapes and ornate architecture has to be seen to be believed. Morocco is a burgeoning wellness travel destination due to growth in its wellness offerings, serene environment, luxury hotels, and spa culture. Hammams–traditional bathhouses that originated in the Middle East–can be found everywhere, and luxury hotels typically contain them as part of their spas. As for accommodations in Morocco, you can opt for a larger resort such as La Mamounia or a family-run riad, which is the Moroccan version of a bed-and-breakfast. Be sure to make time for Moroccan tea time, too, as mint tea is as ubiquitous as Moroccan tile.

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Wellness Travel Destinations

Tuscany, Italy

As one of the most historically significant countries, Italy is blessed with great cuisine, top-notch design, and beautiful cities, villages, beaches, and countrysides. Tuscany is perhaps the country’s wellness destination due to the numerous natural hot springs that have bee used since the days of the ancient Romans. One of the most spectacular hot springs can be found in Maremma at Saturnia hot springs. Of course, when in Tuscany, visit one of the amazing vineyards such as Conti di San Bonifacio Wine & Wellness Retreat.

Saturnia Hot Springs - Wellness Travel Destinations

Have you visited any of these destinations? What places are on your wellness travel wish list?

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