Post-COVID Travel: Best Places to Travel This Summer


The days we have been waiting years for have finally come: summertime post-COVID. To say I am excited to travel again and to hear the sound of an angry man stamping my passport once again doesn???‚¬™t quite sum it up. However, while we were under lockdown, my list of dream destinations has grown out of control, so it’s definitely time to start checking off these post-COVID travel hotspots.

The type of vacation most people are desiring these days has shifted. With few places to travel to during the pandemic, people discovered extraordinary places that weren???‚¬™t previously considered. Here are a few of the best places to travel this summer considering we are moving toward a post-pandemic world.

1. Tulum, Mexico

During the pandemic, everyone flocked to Mexico, since it was one of the only countries open. And on the Mexican Riviera, Tulum has been one of the hottest spots. The town has insane resorts all up and down its beaches. It is also the home to probably one of the most Instagrammable spots in the world, AZULIK, which is worth a visit even if it???‚¬™s just for the ???‚¬??gram.

The Yucatan is also known for ???‚¬?“cenotes???‚¬?? or underground caves with a body of water. In these cenotes, you can swim, kayak, or even scuba dive! Just look out for bats. Where there are beautiful beaches, there are also epic beach parties and Tulum does not fall short on this front! Most beachfront resorts are fully equipped with a bar and offer Happy Hour. At night, they turn up the music and let the beach parties begin! Tulum has rightfully made the list of best places to travel this summer.

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Tulum, Mexico - Best Places to Travel This Summer

2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is another place that has been blowing up lately on social media, and it???‚¬™s giving everyone major FOMO! Dubai is a major city in the United Arab Emirates that is known for its over-the-top luxury, modern buildings, and wild nightlife. It has been coined ???‚¬?“Vegas in the desert???‚¬?? and will most likely cost you a pretty penny.

Fun fact: Dubai has one of the lowest crime rates in the entire world! Even though Dubai is a huge bustling city, it also has some fantastic beaches, notably Drift Beach. This elegant beach club has its own private stretch of beach and infinity pools, and you can even rent a cabana. It’s the perfect spot for the luxurious vacationer. In this vast city, there are several beautiful mosques to visit as well as Old Dubai and the famous Sunset Mall. So, if your wallet is looking to shed some weight, this is the destination for you.

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3. Egypt

Just before the pandemic, Egypt was an up-and-coming hot spot. Tourism here dropped during the Arab Spring, but 11 years later, the country is ready to show its magic to the world. Home to one of the most mysterious monuments in the world, the Pyramids of Giza are even more wondrous in person. Climbing down into the Great Pyramid Khufu, you will feel like Indiana Jones on one of his great adventures. As absolutely breathtaking as the pyramids are, Egypt has other sites worth visiting.

You can visit downtown Cairo and try traditional dishes such as koshari, falafel, and liver or you can take a river cruise down (or up in this case) the Nile to Luxor to explore the Valley of the Kings. Many are also surprised to find out that the Red Sea has some of the best diving in the world! If you are looking to dive with dolphins you have to stop by Marsa Alam.

Egypt also has a big expat community in a hippy town on the south Sinai peninsula called Dahab, which unsurprisingly enough means ???‚¬?“gold???‚¬??. Most travelers who visit here end up staying months longer than originally planned! There is a reason why this has been the place where all digital nomads have been hiding out during the pandemic, so now that the world is reopening, make sure to jump on this trending travel spot.

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Egypt - Best Places to Travel This Summer

4. Tanzania

Among travelers, Tanzania has become more and more popular. The country is extremely diverse and has something for every type of traveler. For the explorers, they can discover the Serengeti and take a safari throughout the national park. Here, you can see what is known as the ???‚¬?“Big Five,” which includes lions, leopards, buffalo, elephants, and rhinos! To top it off, one can witness the spectacle that is the Great Migration, a herd of two million wildebeest.

Mount Kilimanjaro is also located in Tanzania and attracts mountain climbers from all over the world. For the traveler that is more interested in island vibes, Tanzania also has wonderful beaches on the island of Zanzibar. Zanzibar has a variety of luxury and eco-resorts and has become a huge hot spot for travelers of all kinds. In addition, the country is highly rated by all travel influencers, and should obviously be on the top of your list!

Tanzania - Best Places to Travel This Summer

Now that the world has finally opened its doors again, people are needing something exciting that will get their adrenaline going. The economy of many countries relies on tourism, so it???‚¬™s time to give these destinations a little CPR and restart tourism – and ultimately the rest of our lives.

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