3 Intriguing North American Cruises You Can Take Now

Last updated on: Nov 16, 2018

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2018)

A Caribbean cruise is one of the most popular vacations for North Americans. But next year, why not try some alternative cruise options within North America itself?  Here are a few wonderful North American cruises to consider.

Great Lakes and Georgian Bay Cruise

Toronto and Chicago are two of the largest and most popular travel destinations in North America, and what if you could take an amazing cruise between the two? Pearl Seas Cruises offers a 10-night itinerary with stops in Niagara Falls (woo-hoo), Windsor, and Muskegon. This is not your typical river cruise, and it’s definitely the most interesting way to travel between Toronto and Chicago.

Celebration of Spring (North/South)

Another great cruise option within North America is the six-night itinerary from St. Lawrence Cruise Lines, which travels through some spectacular Canadian scenery including 1000 Islands, Montreal, and Ottawa. It will leave you saying “O Canada”!

Puget Sound and San Juan Islands Cruise

The Pacific Northwest is known for its incredible landscapes, and outdoor lovers will enjoy cruising the Puget Sound and San Juan archipelago. The seven-day cruise departs and returns to Seattle, and makes visits to Friday Harbor as well as two Victorian architecture cities—Port Townsend and Victoria, British Columbia.



3 Intriguing North American Cruises You Can Take Now

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  1. I have never ever ever taken a cruise but somehow the word “cruise” evokes images of sunny Caribbean isles and definitely no North America! Thanks for this! I legit had no idea this much existed. I men I’ve heard of the Alaskan Cruises but Alaska is legit a whole other galaxy to some as it’s so far. Never know I could do between U.S. and Canada. Ok, pinning this for reference cos I gotta try one!

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