3 Less-traveled Locations for a Midwest Road Trip


A Midwest road trip probably includes bouncing around each state, approaching the cities of Detroit and Chicago. However, there are plenty of cities that people are not aware of that have their fair share of fun activities. Here are a few less-traveled Midwest locations you should check out for the best off-the-beaten path road trip.

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Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines, Iowa has many attractions that are fun for people of all ages. The city also has attractions, such as the Pappajohn Sculpture Garden, the Rotary Riverwalk Park, and the Iowa State Fair, that are suited to different kinds of people. Whatever your preference, make plans to see this lovely city.

Aerial View of Pappajohn Sculpture Garden in Des Moines, Iowa

If you are looking for educational activities, you can attend the Blank Park Zoo or the Science Center of Iowa. If you?ˆ™re more into action-oriented activities, there are also places to go go-karting and play paintball. If you like the outdoors, visit the Clive Greenbelt or Neal Smith Trail.

South Haven, Michigan

When people think about Michigan, they often think about the Great Lakes and Detroit. These are certainly excellent locations, but South Haven, Michigan is also great. Located on the west shore of Michigan, South Haven has the city-feel of Detroit with added nature locales.

If you have children, you may want to stick to outdoor activities like boating, nature walks, and visits to lighthouses. There is a little more to do in this city if you are an adult. Beer tasting is common in South Haven. There are also many restaurants, such as Clementines and Admiral Jack’s, that can spoil you with seafood and other fresh cuisine.

Columbus, Ohio

People do not talk about the capital city of Ohio as much as Cincinnati. But Columbus has a lot to offer families who are stopping by. There are plenty of historical and artistic museums you can visit with your family. If you are looking to explore more outside, there are also some conservation parks.

Columbus is also a great place to visit if you like to learn about science. Columbus has a lot of scientific centers that can teach kids the value of the planet and educate on safe environmental practices.

When you travel to the Midwest, you should always consider these less-traveled cities. Detroit and Chicago are certainly great destinations, but don?ˆ™t limit your visit to just those cities. The road less traveled might contain your favorite stop of the trip.

Have you visited any of these cities during a Midwest road trip? What are the best places for a Midwest road trip?

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